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History Paint San Diego Sign Shop

San Diego Sign Shop it is a group of graphics designers committed to offer a great image for your project or business taking care of each step in the process to guarantee the best print quality output.

From 2010 we are supporting all kinds of business in the county of San Diego. Our goals allowed us to even cross the borders of the state of California and provide services to all the country.

Mission Paint San Diego Sign Shop

In San Diego Sign Shop we are compromised with the customer service, we knows a great advertising make a big different for your goals.

The competition for the market it is harder with our support, experience and team work we can beat them. The entire budget invested in advertising will return to you multiplied in results and success!

This Is what we offer

Let’s grow up together!

Your business are safe if you have a good branding. Let us help to you create an impact branding to multiply your income to secure your business future.

We have the experience and the equipment necessary for your business to transmit the image that you need to capture clients and that your brand well recognized.

Let San Diego Sign Shop take care of your banner vinyl, create custom yard signs and graphics needs so that you can focus on your business, we will gladly wear your business T-shirt to grow up together.

What’s your first impression?

Banner Vinyl Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Banner vinyl regular used for large format printing, billboard, announcements, events, sales, birthdays, real estate, etc.


Print quality it’s for long distance view at lease 3 feet. This banner it’s for hight durability outside.


1 Banner 6’X3′ ft hems & grommets $34.99 Dll.
5 Banner 8’X4′ ft hems & grommets $279.99 Dll

POP Banner Paint San Diego Sign Shop


If you need high quality printing,banner POP it’s the solution, with a photographic quality and realistic finished.


Our banner blocks the light, and the surface is soft and smooth completely. This banner can be printed doble side.


1 Banner 6’X3′ ft hems & grommets $53.99 Dll.
5 Banners 4’X2′ ft hems & grommets $119.99 Dll.

Vinyl Regular Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Adhesive vinyl regular have the same printing quality of the banner vinyl regular and it’s perfect for big walls & cars wraps.


This material is ideal for all types of lettering and it’s outdoor durability is very high.


1 Adhesive vinyl 6.5’X3′ ft $19.99 Dll
6 Adhesive vinyl 2’X3′ ft$35.99 Dll

Vinyl POP Paint San Diego Sign Shop


The high quality in printing adhesive vinyl POP is possible to print stickers with small details.


This self-stick coating can be contoured with figures of all kinds in order to further customize your decals.


50 Rectangular Stickers 9″X3″ in $29.99 Dll
100 Circular Sticker 3″X3″ in $26.99 Dll

Coroplast Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Printing on rigid materials is becoming more popular and especially yard signs in Coroplast.


The Coroplast is a favorite of real estate agents, supermarkets and stage designers. This material can be printed double-sided.


5 Coroplast 24″X18″ one side $39.99 Dll.
5 Coroplast 24″X36″ double side $129.99 Dll

Pvc Paint San Diego Sign Shop


PVC printing has come to replace decorative paintings at home and offices. Its surface is with a solid constitution.


This material is used for signage, business announcements and real estate, etc. This material can be printed double-sided.


5 PVC 24″X18″ one side $64.99 Dll
2 PVC 24″X36″ double side $79.99 Dll

Foamboard Paint San Diego Sign Shop


The foamboard is a rigid material but light and easy to cut. It is used for signaling and especially for pictures.


The center is a layer of polystyrene and a top and bottom sheet as a cover having a smooth finish.


2 Foamboard 24″X36″ one side $49.99 Dll
10 Foamboard 18″X18″ one side $89.99 Dll

Carton Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Corrugated cardboard is not only recyclablealso is very easy to cut making it easy to create images of people of real size.


The material can only be printed on one side. Boxes, pendants, standing and signs.


4 Cardboard 18″X12″ one side $19.99 Dll
2 Cardboard 48″X48″ one side $99.99 Dll

Microperforado Paint San Diego Sign Shop


The best way for windows advertise without losing visibility from inside and also you get sun protection.


Now carry the best mobile advertising with micro perforated vinyl in the rear windows of your car.


1 Micro perforated 36″X64″ installed $74.99 Dll.

Canvas Paint San Diego Sign Shop


If you want to decorate your office with realistic pictures, digital canvas are a very good choice.


Arts replica, panoramic images, digital canvas has the same finish as artists paintings.


2 Canvas 48″X24″ only media $119.99 Dll
2 Canvas 24″X24″ framed picture $119.99 Dll

Poster Paper Paint San Diego Sign Shop


With poster paper you can print bigger your favorite photos, musical group poster, football team poster, movie posters and also promote any kind event.


Recyclable prints with photographic quality and has an endless number of applications.


2 Poster Paper 24″X36″ cut to size $35.99 Dll
10 Poster Paper 18″X24″cut to size $79.99 Dll

Magnetic Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Car magnets is the best way to do mobile advertising. Order your custom pair today to use it in the vehicle of your choice.


This material is removable and does not damage the paint of the vehicle.


2 Car Magnets 24″X12″ $59.99 Dll
1 Car Magnets 18″X36″ $64.99 Dll

X-Banner Paint San Diego Sign Shop


X-Banner Display is an economical way to bring your advertising to events, exhibitions, etc.


Display in your store products and special deals with your X-Banner. The banner is printed in photographic quality.


1 X-Banner 24″X64″ full set with banner included $59.99 Dll

5X-Banner 24″X64″ full set with banner included $239.99 Dll

Retractible Display Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Practical, solid, compact, are just some of the features of the retractable display with large print area.


It is a favorite of customers, you can even print sectioned images to create incredible backgrounds!


1 Roll Ups 33″X78″ full set $94.99 Dll
5 Roll Ups 33″X78″ full set $379.99 Dll

Swooper Flags Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Advertising flags are used in all kind of event and business that wish to draw their customers’ attention.


We got several different banner style, with or without structure, you can only order the flag if you already have a structure.


1 Custom Swooper Flag 30.75″X 16′ Ft full set$179.99 Dll

1 Pre-DesignedSwooper Flag 30.75″X 16′ Ft full set$99.99 Dll

Interior Signs Paint San Diego Sign Shop


We does ads and wall signs of different types, from acrylics, PVC, Coroplast and many more.


These advertisements can be installed directly on the wall, separated by special screws or even hanging.


Send an email to info@sandiegosignshop.com or call 619-721-2590 for information and pricing.

Business Cards Paint San Diego Sign Shop


We have the greatest diversity of business cards on the market, from the simplest to plastic glazed cards.


De los acabados más solicitados esta el SPOT UV y los Laminados Mate. Toda la impresión es industrial garantizando su calidad.


500 business card double side 3.5″X2″ $29.99 Dll
1000 business card double side 3.5″X2″ $34.99 Dll

Postcard Paint San Diego Sign Shop


This is the typical postcards that we like to send to our customers for special dates, it is printed on the same thickness as the Business Cards.


Customers use it as flyers because of its rigid carton shape.


250 Postcards 6″X4″ double side $64.99 Dll
500 Postcards 6″X4″ double side $69.99 Dll

Flyers Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Make sure all your customers have your business information and contact information through the types of flyers we handle.


We have diversity of measures and finishes so that your image is distinguished in your market.


500 Flyers 5.5″X8.8″ double side$99.99 Dll
1000 Flyers 5.5″X4.25″ double side$76.99 Dll

Trifold Paint San Diego Sign Shop


The most economical way to have a catalog of your company is by printing brochures which can be folded in different ways.


Triptychs, Diptychs, Folding Z, among others are the most requested.


500 Trifold 8.5″X11″ Offset $169.99 Dll
1000 Trifold 8.5″X11″ Offset $189.99 Dll

Hangtag Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Hang tags is the best way to identify your product, with more than 20 different styles available.


Square, rectangular, with rounded edges, embossed letters, SPOT UV, you can highlight your image.


5000 Tags 3″X2″ rounded corners $249.99 Dll
1000 Tags 3″X2″ double side $79.99 Dll

Envelope Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Postal mail is still of great publicity impact of a company and a detail of very good taste.


Send your information, invitations and more in a completely personalized envelope that impacts your client.


100 Envelope #10 4.125″X9.5″ Standard $76.99 Dll
500 Envelope #10 4.125″X9.5″ Standard $159.99 Dll

Letterhead Paint San Diego Sign Shop


The letterhead is the most elegant way to present your documents, shows seriousness and class.


It is also a way in which your customers will always have your information on hand and always keep it.


250 Letterhead 8.5″X11″ single side $119.99 Dll
500 Letterhead 8.5″X11″ single side $139.99 Dll

Note Books Paint San Diego Sign Shop


Give your customers a personalized notepad, they going to be happier, and is a excellent form of advertising.


No matter how advanced we are in technology, notepads will be always necessary in our day.


100 Notepad 50 pages 4.25″X5.5″ sigle side $269.99 Dll
50 Notepad 50 pages 3″X8″ $199.99 Dll

This is how we do!

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One San Diego Sign Shop


Send a email to info@sandiegosignshop.com with full detail of your work, we going to answer less than 24 hours. If you have the art file please attach it to review and confirm if is ready to print.

Two San Diego Sign Shop

Authorization and Approval

We work on a design proposal if you don’t have one.


After approval we just need a 50% deposit to proceed with the order.

Three San Diego Sign Shop


Your order will go into production, the delivery time varies between each printing technique and materials.


Delivery time will be specified on your invoice.

Four San Diego Sign Shop


Our products will be delivered in your address thru regular postal service.


20 miles from our distribution center we does the delivery.

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